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Software Asset Management (SAM)

There are many good reasons for adopting a SAM program – lower costs, faster asset deployment, greater flexibility and more.

Control Your IT Assets

Getting the most return from your IT investment starts with a clear view of all your hardware and software assets. Kinetic Solutions helps you gain visibility, compliance and control of your IT assets to reveal the true value they deliver.

Incorporate virtual assets into SAM to drive down costs & risks

What To Look For in IT Asset Management
Comprehensive Insight

  • Discover IT assets throughout the environment (agent and agentless options)
  • Dynamically map configurations
  • Perform impact analysis across systems, applications, users and services
  • Proactively identify and address potential security threats
  • Reduce systems and software TCO with usage metrics, automated harvesting and integrated licensing
  • We value lifetime client relationships and in all transactions, place enduring mutual benefits above temporary rewards.


  • Deploy, configure and patch devices, operating systems and applications
  • Connect IT assets to services for better change management and faster issue resolution
  • Remotely access devices on and off the network
  • Ensure consistent updates and one-click access to support
  • Reduce negative impacts to productivity with access to pre-approved software and silent installs

Get Your Arms Around Your Endpoints

Kinetic Solutions provides tailored solutions that enable you to discover, configure, manage and secure all of your IT endpoints.

  • Pass software audits with ease
  • Reduce data vulnerabilities and financial risk through automated software patching
  • Make smart decisions knowing the current state of inventory
  • Intelligently manage your software entitlements – don’t over deploy and don’t overspend
  • Easily integrates with multiple solutions based on the organization's needs that allow for quick implementations