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Welcome to Kinetic Solutions LLC. We are a small business serving clients worldwide. We invite you to explore our services and learn how we are leveraging our highly valued methodology within the government sector to transform departments, agencies and programs.  We provide services to the government sector to achieve optimized operational efficiency.

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Mission Statement:
"To provide excellence in management consulting services with high quality, reliable, and timely performance ensuring complete client satisfaction."

Business Certifications:
MDOT: MBE, DBE SBE # 16-637 
Virginia: SWaM #723552
Delaware: DBE - In Progress
DCDOT - In progress
In Progress
GSA Mobis Schedule - In Progress
SBA 8(a) Certification - In Progress 
DUNS # 08-037-3634
Cage Code # 7QH62 
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) CODES:
541199, 541219, 541310, 541330, 541350, 541360, 541513, 541519, 541613, 541618, 541990, 541611, 541511, 611430, 541512, 541711, 541712, 541720, 541930

About Kinetic Solutions LLC

Kinetic Solutions (Kinetic) is a small business, certified as a Disadvantaged Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE), (SBE) (DBE) with Maryland DOT, Metropolitain Airports Authority (MWAA), State of Virginia with additional minority certifications in process with the Federal SBA 8(a) Program, the State of Delaware & the District of Columbia Government.

Kinetic’s management team consists of former Government / Industry executives who are proven leaders that have designed a service philosophy that address the unique challenges and requirements of the public & non-profit sector. Kinetic Solutions focuses on communication, commitment and partnership to deliver expectation exceeding value to our clients.

Headquartered in Brandywine, Maryland with a Program Office in Washington, DC, we specialize in the development and integration of innovative business solutions and management consulting services for the Federal & State / Non-Profit entities as well as Fortune 1000 organizations.  We view each client as a strategic partner because our success is measured only by the achievements of our clients.

Our Public Sector group has long-term relationships within the federal government, focusing on civilian agencies, the intelligence community and the prominent non-profits.  We work with our customer teams, providing extensive government IT and operational experience.  Our Public Sector consultants possess decades of experience teaming with government agencies to provide IT solutions that make better use of increasingly limited budgets while mitigating risks, optimizing operational processes and eliminating redundancies.

Kinetic’s leaders have significant experience in government organizations as well as management systems and projects. Kinetic Solutions is aware that government leaders have not only very different bottom line goals and objectives, but success is measured differently too - by open access instead of patents or trademarks; and by accountability to all citizens not just to shareholders. Because of our large knowledge base in both the public and private sectors we know that procurement, staffing, security, research and system implementations must be done in a manner consistent with the unique restrictions and responsibilities of government.

Kinetic’s principals are well versed in dealing with major projects for the Federal and local governments in IT, procurement, engineering and economic development. Kinetic Solutions seasoned professionals are well qualified to provide cradle-to-grave procurement operations, contract administration, performance based contract performance evaluation, service level agreements, procurement planning, compliance review, acquisition, purchasing, and procurements following applicable procurement procedures. 

Kinetic bases the services that we provide on the idea that Information Technology is simply a set of tools used to achieve business results through improved customer service, better program effectiveness, increased cost efficiencies, greater competitive advantage or a better bottom line. Deploying technology only because it is faster, smaller, and cheaper is often a waste of money and time if concrete results are not achieved. Therefore, we focus on attracting individuals with right skills and efficiencies, so that they just do not increase the burden on the payroll but bring values to the organization and our clients get seamless services.

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The Core Values That Drive Our Corporate Culture

At Kinetic Solutions, the foundation for our corporate culture and long-term success is built on our timeless core values and dedication to our emerging entrepreneur client base. These values guide our thoughts and actions every day. Let the following stand as our public commitment to provide a quality experience for those we serve and with whom we work.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We value an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and commit our efforts to nurturing and creating prosperity for emerging entrepreneurs within our company. Additionally, we create viable opportunities for our people to gain ownership interests in Kinetic Solutions.

Lifetime Client Relationships

We value lifetime client relationships and in all transactions place enduring mutual benefits above temporary rewards.

Honesty, Trust, and Integrity

We value honesty, trust and integrity. These values are the cornerstone of our corporate culture. Kinetic Solutions will always be associated with these core values because we exemplify them through our personal and professional conduct.

Business Partners

Our Associates

We value our people, recognizing and rewarding them for their efforts to grow personally and professionally. Such growth into greater value for our clients.

Training and Tools

We take responsibility for training our associates and for providing them with the tools and support they need to excel.

Teamwork and Individuality

We value teamwork and individuality. While we seek the synergies of a team effort, we also welcome the creativity and uniqueness of individual achievement. We promote the team concept without stifling individuality.


We value excellence and hold our employees, consultants, and strategic allies to the highest levels of personal and professional conduct.

Our Vision

Kinetic Solutions seeks to become the preeminent management consulting firm chosen to assist in acquisition support, construction and project management, cloud computing, cybersecurity, training and IT solutions. We also partner and align with other companies to quickly advance our objectives. Kinetic Solutions consists of a strong, intelligent and creative team. We consistently demonstrate superior performance and customer contribution to our company's value and rapid growth.

Business Man

Peak Performance

Kinetic Solutions incorporates Peak Performance Management Modelling. We provide strategies that are increasingly recognized as mission-critical for the transformation of corporate and government projects wor.ldwide. Forward-looking managers use these solutions to align every facet of their operations to deliver unprecedented performance and business value. Peak Performance provides the model that tomorrow's most successful government agencies and departments will follow.

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Achieving Peak Performance

We have the experts to help you apply this model today. Our team provides the collaborative strategies, trusted advice management and IT solutions needed to realign and reinvent your organization for Peak Performance. We help you achieve significant increases in business value while optimizing the ability to achieve long-term goals and results.

A Trusted Advisor to Lead the Way

Some managers might say that the best organizations have always made optimizing performance a priority. That's true in part. The difference now is that Peak Performance has become a critical must-have with best practices and tools for strategy, planning, implementation, training, and management all guided by a skilled and trusted advisor. We take our advisory role seriously, working independently of any vendor or proprietary technology. As innovative thinkers, we focus on supplying the best solution for each customer's requirements and ensuring the greatest value from their investment.

Finding the Opportunity in Every Challenge

There are new challenges facing government today. With dramatic cost cuts and a renewed focus on performance, mission support and ROI. The federal government needs the services of companies they can trust to advise and lead them through a paradigm shift from how they have managed operations in the past, to how they can optimize operational efficiency going forward. The challenges they face are difficult, but each one of them is also a milestone on a journey to fulfilling their mission. Whether the problem is cost control, workforce needs, accountability, sustainability, or any other issues, they typically represent opportunities. Seen from this angle, any one of them can be the launching pad for achieving Peak Performance.

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Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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